Jan Tschichold: Die Kameliendame

Die Kameliendame poster 1927, 118.5 x 84 cm
Jan Tschichold (Germany, 1902–1974)


Bart Anthony van der Leck: Delft Salad Oil Factories

Delft Salad Oil Factories poster. 89 x 59.5 cm, The Netherlands
Bart Anthony van der Leck (The Netherlands, 1876–1958)


André Kertész

Paris vu par André Kertész 1934

L'Art vivant vol. 5, 15.11.1929
André Kertész (Budapest 1894–1985)


Cheki: from TASCHEN

Various photos taken at the TASCHEN office.


Squatters Benefit Bop

Squatters Benefit Bop poster, c. 1978. 91 x 49 cm, United Kingdom


Erik Nitsche: Subway Posters

Say it fast...often...in color poster, 1947. 155 x 74.5 cm, USA 
Erik Nitsche (Switzerland,1908–USA 1998)

Nitsche was a pioneer in the design of books, annual reports, and other printed material that relied on meticulous attention to the details of page composition, the elegance of simple type presentation, and the juxtaposition of elements on a page. His hallmarks were impeccably clear design, brilliant colors, smart typography, and an adherence to particular geometric foundations. He moved to the United States at the age of 26, where he had a successful career as graphic designer and art director. After 1960's he worked mainly on children's books.